I have had this weird eye thing going on all week. Allergies? Eczema? Pink eye? Mad Kel disease? I can’t be sure. All I know is there have been un-lovely and relentless combinations of dryness, oozing, redness, itching, and burning since Sunday morning. And I look ridiculous, although today is much, much better.

I should probably get it checked out but I have been self-diagnosing and treating. Eye drops, eye gel, changing make-up, cold compress, Vaseline, cucumber eye pads, actually wearing my glasses. I can’t be sure what is working and what isn’t, but it is progressively getting better. This is how we roll.

We have been without health insurance for nearly two years. During that time, our family’s list of ailments (non-medical terms here, folks) have included swine flu*, back-thrown-out*, the ‘roids, boils, asthma, bruised teeth, a dramatic/traumatic and prolonged lice outbreak, UTI*, almost-broken tailbone, intestinal issues, Vitamin D deficiency (but not since we moved to a sunny place, yo!), bronchitis, sinus infections, asthma-related-symptoms, allergies, weed-whacking-whilst-barefoot accidents, and weird-eye-issues… All things that would have previously sent us to Well Group. This time, only the *’d instances did.

I’m sure I missed a few. And I sure am grateful for all the things that are not on that list.

We have made a total of 5 doctor visits during that period: one for me, one for Rod, one for KK, and two for the girls’ immunizations. Health care is expensive. And it is often very, very frustrating. When combined with us moving away from our wonderful pediatrician, my beloved lady doctor, and Rod’s trusted GP, the very idea of needing medical care becomes scary and uncomfortable.

I have not taken for granted that while we haven’t had health insurance, God has provided for our health.

A few nights ago, my husband left a present for me on my pillow. It was a health care brochure. Explaning benefits. That will soon be ours. Blessed insurance, Jesus is mine!

I can remember, prior to June 30, 2010, being on the phone arguing over denied claims and messed up claims. I remember getting bills for hospital stays thinking, Thank God for health insurance. I am not knowledgeable about how health care should work, why it seems Obamacare isn’t going to work, or why self-employed people or small businesses seem to get completely jacked when it comes to coverage. But I do know that as soon as Rod’s new insurance kicks in, I’m going to shout!

And perhaps, a la Joey, “get all the free operations I want.”