I know I talk about seasons on here, a lot. It’s a little ironic since I have moved to a place that, as far as the weather goes, seemingly only has two seasons – spring & summer! But in life, our seasons change depending on circumstances, the ages of our kids, the development of ourselves, and probably a lot of other things.

In the past years, I guess since I’ve been married, there was the season of newlyweddedness…the season of school…the season of infertility…the season of babies…the season of road life & music ministry, …the season of moving…the season of draught. And even as I declared a new season for us last week, I wasn’t sure what it would be exactly, or what to call it.

I might have gotten my answer by accident. Tonight in our marriage class, I had one of those Kelly episodes of totally inappropriate laughter. Our wonderful, sensitive leaders were leading us in a poignant, Biblical activity, one to be shared between each couple alone, though we were all still in the same room. There was background music playing and everyone was talking to his/her spouse kind of quietly, and I was shaking with hysterical laughter. It was mostly quiet, except for the occasional exhale, squeak, and finally, one very loud SNORT, which only made me laugh harder.

Yeah. The ugly laugh is my favorite way to emote, but it never seems to come at the “right” time.

Thankfully, I am in a class of understanding people. And afterwards, when we talked about the activity and its impact, I did shed a few tears, as it did touch my heart. But I also thought about what my laughter might mean, and I am hoping, perhaps…

that we are in a season of joy.

… joy that is unspeakable. (1 Peter 1:8)
… joy that heals. (Proverbs 17:22)
… joy that comes as a gift from God Himself. (Galatians 5:22)

Rod recorded a song a few years ago that starts off with, “Joy comes in the morning, after a long, hard night. The weeping is finally over, everything will be all right…” And to this I say, WHY NOT? We have spent many months wringing our hands, second guessing ourselves, waiting, crying, and wrestling. And through this, thought it seems like it was miserable (and was sometimes), we have grown. We have kicked it up a level. So let’s celebrate. Let’s feel the joy. Let’s laugh like crazy.

And let me, in my joy, share one of my favorite songs about it with you. Again I say, REJOICE! (I wish you could hear my journeychurch sing it!)