I have a new addiction.

It started two weeks ago, when I went here:

(I go there a lot less in my current life, because unlike in my Chicago life, there isn’t one every 2 miles I drive. Anyway…)

And instead of ordering a donut (because seriously, they don’t compare to the ones at Donut Man), a bagel, or the little breakfast wrap I would normally choose, I, quite to my own surprise, ordered this:

(except with a coffee).

And it was love.

Now, I have loved biscuits for awhile, ever since I got Trisha Yearwood‘s first cookbook:

and started making them myself. But the chicken biscuit never really occurred to me until I started hanging around with Southern Gospel singers, and then moved to the south.

They are so good, y’all!

So the other night when I had, ahem, a hankerin’ for one, I knew what to make for dinner. It went something like this:

1. See a “pinteresting” and easy recipe:

(click the picture to go to the recipe)

2. Realize I have all the ingredients

3. Realize my children are playing nicely

4. Thaw some chicken in the microwave and get started on the recipe.

5. Make some tea. This is essential. Since it was just going to be me drinking it (when we have company, I make a Bunch), I made it this way:
– bring a pot of water to almost boiling, remove from heat
– let 4 standard tea bags steep ‘for awhile’
– pour into pitcher, stir in 1 cup of sugar and a bunch of ice
– say, Aaaaaahhh

6. Boiled another pot of water for corn on the cob, the one vegetable that both my girls will eat.

7. Decide we will have green beans, too.

8. Set the table with the essentials:

9. Make the biscuits. And here is how I do it (adapted from the Trisha Yearwood version):

2 cups flour
3 teaspoons baking powder
1/4 teaspoon salt
Mix these ingredients together

3/4 cup of milk (buttermilk would be great. I make the fake version using 1 tablespoon of white vinegar)
3 tablespoons of softened butter
Knead with the flour

Drop biscuits on to baking sheet or stone. Bake 8-11 minutes on 450. Restrain yourself.

This is how our finished dinner went:

Biscuits make KK excited.

Miss Picky ate everything but the green beans…

She celebrated (mostly) cleaning a plate that didn’t contain any macaroni.

My homemade chicken biscuit and I saluted her.

10. Always Have Dessert
They had ice cream sundaes.

I had another glass of sweet tea.

Can a girl from South Chicago Heights cook southern? It’s on, friends!

Whatever’s cookin’ for you this weekend, I hope it’s great.

Our Paige will be home for spring break~Smiles all around!