I feel like an awakening is upon us.

I’m not sure what started it. Maybe it’s some emotional and exciting conversations we’ve had in the last few weeks. Maybe it’s spending some time in my church’s office, working on projects and communing with people I really enjoy. Maybe it’s this puppy who likes to sleep at my feet while I write.

{cuteness pause}

Maybe it’s having enrolled the girls in swimming lessons. Maybe it’s news that People We Love Visiting Myrtle Beach will be resuming this month.

Likely, it’s a combination of it all. I see signs of life again.

I thought our first summer away from the gray, blustery midwest would be cheerier than it was. Tee-hee. It was, in fact, sunnier, warmer, and healthier ~

~but it has still felt, at times, a little like this:

Winter can remain gray in our hearts, even if it’s blue and green and sunny all around us. I have felt very winter-like, unable to see past dreariness. And though hope has not yet materialized into substance in front of my eyes, I am choosing to believe in better times ahead.

I’m reclaiming this song, its warrior-love mindset, and the idea of maybe singing it with my husband on some stage, someday.

No way over it, no way around it.
If we want it, we have to go through it.
Fight for a love and the world tries to break us down.
But the world will bend, and the fight will end.
Love will always win.