They are geared.

They have practiced.

They are ready.

And a little weird ;)

The St. Jude’s trike-a-thon takes place at our babies’ school this week.

My mama heart has melted for St. Jude’s since the day we brought Miranda home from the hospital. I was holding her on the couch when one of their commercials came on, the one that says, give thanks for the healthy kids in your life. Well Lord knows, I do. We had a few struggles with KK’s breathing during her first two years that allowed me to feel every fear of the what if. We have many friends whose children suffer from health problems that require surgery, therapy, daily injections or medication, constant therapy, frequent hospital stays. Recently, a dear 7 year old in our extended family (my sister-in-law’s cousin) began treatment for brain cancer. I don’t know how these precious kids and their families do it, but I know that as a part of the sisterhood of mamas (and compassionate people, regardless of their parental status), when I have a chance to help, I sure will!

It is so little, when the need is so great, but thanks to some of you, KK and Randa have reached double their goals of $100 each. Can you help us raise more? Any amount of money helps. And all your prayers, even if you don’t know who you are praying for, are heard.

To donate via Miranda’s ride, click here.
To donate via Kaity’s ride, click here.

Lord, we thank You for the healthy children in our lives, and we thank You for the ones who need a special touch. May we learn from their strength, may we do all we can to protect and assist and love on them. May they have grace for each day and be it by doctor’s hands or divine intervention, may they be healed. AMEN.