I wanted to write something that would honor him.

I wanted to have the cake baked when he woke up in the morning, along with cards the kids made and maybe some decorations waiting.

It’s not the typical birthday celebration…. No Josh, no Chipotle, no presents.

I know that except for the Josh part, it doesn’t bother him.

Still, I want to try to make him feel one iota as special as he makes me feel.

But, tasks called me away on his birthday eve~
if you’ve visited here lately, you know. Malware took the place of bake ware tonight. I got it all cleaned up (but I might make a wish on his candles just in case, especially that all of our eyes can unsee the garbage these bored folks had pointed to from this site). Also, it’s going to be a doozy to get it all back to where it was.

I know the presents he most seeks are separated into two categories-

That which we already have: each other, our kids, this beautiful beach where we live, and by tomorrow night, a grilled-out dinner and red velvet cake with marshmallow frosting.


That for which we wait for God to deliver: the right time, the right place, the right opportunity, with a side of sweet stability that has been sorely missing lately.

I can’t give him everything I want to for this birthday, so I will just give him everything I have.

I love you, Rod Burton. I love living my life with you. I love the man you are and the way you are growing. I love your voice, your strength, your laugh, your wisdom, your integrity, your dreams, your determination, your song, and the family you made with me.

I hope this is your best year EVER.


I’d also like to say happy, happy birthday to one of my dearest  sister-friends, Maureen, one of my favorite people, Emma, and a sweet girl who was born 3 weeks after my KK, Trin.

March 15 is one great day.