It’s a pretty wordless Wednesday for me. My heart is full with life, as I sort through sweet reconnections, warm memories, high hopes, a glorious ninth anniversary, and one sad goodbye.

I visited Pawleys Island for the first time this week. I am in love with many things about it, my idyllic vision of a beach town come to life. Maybe we will live there someday.


This was the view outside a cafe where I had lunch with my friend Rick yesterday:


Today I celebrate nine years since promising to be Mrs. Burton until death parts us. This week, two people I love and respect so much – my sis-in-law’s amazing parents, showed us what that looks like. I was not there when they said goodbye. I can only imagine it was done like everything else I’ve seen them do: with quiet determination, loyalty, and grace. We will also miss Papa B.

And our mourning and remembering and rolling with it and hoping and celebrating life will occur like everything else we do: together.

remember, helmets are safer…



  • lizzyandmrdarcy

    I love Pawleys Island. It is so peaceful there on the beach. Much better than Myrtle Beach. And, since you’re so close to Charleston, you’ll have to meander down there for a day or two and check out their historic district if you’ve never been. I think Charleston’s historic district is an amazing little place. Happy 9th Anniversary! :)

    • kellyburton

      My friend and I went to Charleston the day before! I haven’t done my post on that yet :) I loved it, too. They are both probably too expensive for us to live in, but I love that they’re close enough to visit whenever (like when friends come to town!)