A few weeks ago, I posted about my weight loss victories.

Naturally, since that point, I have gained a few pounds back.


What can I blame? Well, my own lack of willpower, I suppose. I had 2 weekends in a row of celebrating, and while I did not completely chow down, I did consume more cheese and chocolate than recommended (by 2 or 3 hundred percent).

I also, unfortunately, allowed my wonderful, cleansing moringa tea by Zija run out before my new shipment got here, which means (sorry) that I’m literally carrying a lot of excess crap around.

And finally, there is the lack of exercise. Our daily schedule has changed and we only have one car, so my opportunities to get to the gym or even better, the beach, are very limited. Exercise at home, even when the girls are at school, is typically thwarted by distractions with names like Laundry, Cleaning, Putting Away, Meal Prep, Baking, Writing, (FB), and most recently, Training And Playing With Iron Max. Shall we pause for the cuteness?~


Last week I finally got over myself and as soon as everyone else left the house in the morning, I put on my shoes, did not pause to put on my makeup (!!!), and took off for a speed walk through our neighborhood.

We have lived here for nine months, and I have never walked further than around the corner before. It was obviously past time I explore. And as usual, when I step outside of my comfort zone, there were a lot of beautiful surprises to see:

quiet stretches of land between homes

sunshine peaking through clouds at various angles

trees, trees, trees… tall, old, wise

I also saw a gorgeous blue bird, but he was too fast for me to capture. He darted off a mailbox, up to this roof, and behind the house.

I thought this quaint little gas lamp was made for a Christmas card, though I kinda hope there’s not ever enough snow here for that sort of fantasy.

I didn’t know this pond was here…

or this quaint sitting area next to it


I paused only long enough to daydream and ponder the idea of home. It has changed so much for me over the years, and especially in these last nine months. I believe in my heart that my home is where my family is, my husband in particular, as our kids have/will move on at some point in their lives. The house we own in Chicago is lived in by others; the house we live in now is owned by someone else. As long as we rent, our ‘house’ is temporary… in fact, as long as we abide on earth, our ‘roots,’ no matter how deep they are, can change in an instant.

I’ve grown accustomed to the unpleasant type of surprises to, so I wasn’t shocked, only disappointed, to see this along my path as well:


But…another thing I’ve learned lately… it’s going to take more than some junk to scare me away.

Things don’t always go how we want them, or how we think we need them. But if we keep taking chances, keep walking forward, keep our eyes open, and remember to focus them upward most of the time, who knows what we will find?

You may say I’m a dreamer…
but if I ever have to go blind, I hope it’s from staring into the sun.