It’s been kinda quiet in our house since we moved…quieter neighborhood, fewer roommates, less traffic, and no Sammie Dawg.

I keep getting told NO about having another baby, so Rod finally said yes to a dog! No sooner than that decision was reached than some friends of ours were looking for a new home for this little man:

The timing was perfect. I got my baby boy, the girls got a new friend, and Max (whom we slightly renamed Maximus after this Disney character, but we’re still pretty much calling him Max, or Maxie, or Maxie MooMoo) gets to make our home feel a little crazy again.

Why yes, that is KK using the leash like a slingshot…

Randa tries to carry him everywhere.

I call this The Princess and The Dog.

I’m not sure yet if his master is going to be me or KK.

Right now, this sweet puppy is at my feet under the desk. It sounds kind of silly, but he is filling some needs for me that I didn’t know I had. I missed having an extra ‘person’ in the house. Even though Sammie has never been here with us, I still find myself expecting her to follow me, greet us at the door, or try to escape when we open the door! I need some noise, some security and extra eyes, a constant buddy and playmate for my girls, and a little reminder that love is the most valuable resource we can give.

Welcome home to our newest Burton.