when she came into our lives, she changed everything.


In a house of two babies – one 15 months old, one newborn – we had two cribs, two sizes of diapers, two carseats, and a lot, a lot, a lot of pink stuff.

We also had two teenagers in the house. There was chaos, high emotions, noise, and definitely a need for a third row seat in the car.

Mostly, though, there was just more love.


Everything has changed again now. The teenagers are young adults, and they live in different states than we do (most of the time). The diapers and cribs are long gone. All things baby, which once dominated life, are now gone.

And Kaity?

She still has those blue eyes

1st birthday

and still has her mama absolutely wrapped around her finger

1st birthday

she still likes to pose for the camera

2nd birthday

3rd birthday

And she is still the laughter and life of a celebration:




4th birthday

As she turns the corner from “toddler” to “pre-schooler” (although really, it seems that happened long ago), she is still very interested in music – playing instruments, singing, and making up songs. She loves to swing bats and golf clubs and to bowl. She loves to make up stories and pretend to read books (soon, I know, it won’t be pretend). She likes the beach, but mostly to sit on the blanket and eat chips. She loves animals. She is fascinated by both pirates and princesses, though she prefers to dress like the former. She puts together fabulous outfits, but no dresses, thank you very much. She has skinny legs and blond hair and is strong. She is fierce in her loyalties and convictions. She both fights and hugs like no other 3 oops, 4 year old I’ve known.

I remember when she was born, I used to wonder what my “little birdie” would be like, what her voice would sound like. She was such a mystery to me.

And now, every day, our KK loudly and proudly shows us how to “Be Yourself.” She is so…her. I am fascinated by her. I am delighted and challenged in the privilege of being her mama. And today, when we commemorate President’s Day, I am feeling how appropriate it is.






… because she is going to do great big things!

Happy Birthday to our baby!