People keep telling us that this is an unusually warm winter, even for South Carolina. We say, “OK. Great.” Perhaps our arrival can signal the dawning of a new day.

The girls and I are doing our best to enjoy it, though. Yesterday, they played in our front yard while I cleaned the garage (a half-dozen boxes to goodwill, a few more to the recycle bin, and a good sweeping out, at least). Today, we went to, well, The Best Place In The World (Besides Disney World, and this is free)~

There was walking, carefully, in pre-determined lines.

And running, all Phoebe-like.

I could not get a picture of KK and Randa saving me from a flock of scary, scary sea gulls, but they did. My girls are brave…and also, very protective of their salt and vinegar chips.

The gulls are obnoxious. We are not fans, though we do admire them.

I don’t think the jellyfish are fans, either. Luckily, I took this picture yesterday. the girls might have been eeked out by this gull’s choice of cuisine.

Miranda did not believe me about how cold the water would be…

…but she was quickly convinced.


I was practically blinded by the sun taking these pictures, so I am happy how they turned out. Pictures replace the need for words, and I am about out of them right now. Our metaphorical season seems to be changing, though we still don’t know what the next one looks like. I hope it’s not like a Chicago February. I hope it’s like this Carolina January!

So now, I am smiling at their contrast once again: KK in boots, Randa in a sundress. I am smiling at the memory of one year and one week ago today, when my friends and I were daydreaming about a winter escape to a place much like the one where I am now living. I am smiling because one of my high school friends, whom I haven’t seen since high school, is in town acting in a show. I am smiling for a playdate tomorrow, cupcake baking tonight, and the promise of more quick stops at the beach.

Bring. On. February.