KK’s birthday has come and gone…

For the first time, we celebrated without her grandparents, auntie G, uncle J, and cousins.

For the first time, she celebrated with her godparents and her paternal grandparents.

For the fourth time, she celebrated with all of her siblings.

It was a really good weekend for our family, all together for the first time in South Carolina.


The weekend was simple and full. We had together time. We had a mix of people. We had {mostly} sunshine. We saw dolphins during a short (cold!) trip to the beach. We talked on the phone and on FaceTime to people we miss. We explored some new toys. And we added a new member to the family~

Way older siblings can be the most fun when it comes to presents. So Josh & his girlfriend K’s gift to KK (& Randa, too), is:

Gaston, the leopard gecko.

Though we attract plenty of green geckos on our own patio, Gaston lives in a tank filled with purple sand on the same dresser where I used to change KK’s little diapers.

Times change, and our family with it.


Now that a jam-packed weekend is over, I am surrounded by laundry, cupcakes that must be avoided at all costs, overdue library books, sweet memories, and high hopes. We are entertaining the idea of one more addition (more later on that), dealing with The School Decision for next year, and as the story goes in our Chicagolina chapter, slowly discovering what is next for us in terms of careers and ministries. We are very thankful for the provisions and the gift of time we have in our lives right now, and slowly allowing ourselves to feel positively about a still unknown future.

We are also really thankful for good health. Even as we continue to pray hard for our Papa B in Texas, who has battled relentless cancer for five years, and for sweet 7-year-old H in Arkansas, who is in the midst of a new battle against it, we received good news yesterday that my lifelong friend B had a small amount of cancer removed and it did not spread. I hate the big C more every day, but I’m grateful that God is even bigger.


Happy Tuesday.