I often joke with people that “I do my best work on Facebook.” Well, I say it jokingly, but it isn’t really in jest. FB, while possessing all the trappings for drama and discord, is a beautiful tool for communication, outreach, and creativity when used with careful intention and thought. Today, I posted something that I wanted to ensure I inscribed in a more permanent web presence.

It had been about a month since I spent some quality time with my friend.

There is really no one else there right now… a few stray morning walkers with dogs, Bluetooths, or each other, bundled up against what Carolinians consider cold (and what my inner Chicagoan considers ‘early spring’).


This morning, I wore jeans, a t-shirt, a jacket, and easily removable shoes with no socks. I had a plan to reconnect, not just with the beach, its smells and feel and sound, but with myself.

Last week found me buried deep in a place of little hope and big fear. Friends who spoke words of life and the promises of God’s Word helped me claw out. I went to the beach to seal the deal.

As I have said somewhat exhaustively, there I can SEE Him. I can see with my own eyes, without strain, how big my God is, how small I and my world and its associated challenges are.

There were many birds there… not the skittish sparrows who jump when they see movement, but the sturdier seagulls. They don’t mind sharing their space.

…but I am careful not to crowd them, because I don’t really want people sharing my beach time.

I spent about 30 minutes there, mostly listening to music, but always the last few minutes listening to the waves. It’s not even hard to get regrounded in this place.

This is what I wrote afterwards:

There’s this section of beach between the saturated shore and the dry sand that is just wet enough to be solid. It’s a little cold, but totally worth it. {Today’s obvious ocean metaphor brought to you by my freezing feet & warmed soul}

Perhaps at some point I will get tired of using the ocean as the parallel for my life, for its change and adventure. I don’t see that happening soon, though. If you grow tired of reading it, I understand. But I think we all have – or should have – one place where it is easier to think, pray, dream, and breathe.

I’m so thankful for my place, and the promises it brings to mind~

The Lord’s home reaches up to the heavens, while its foundation is on the earth. He draws up water from the oceans and pours it down as rain on the land. The Lord is his name! Amos 9:6 NLT