The greatest earthy gift I have ever received is my family. My husband is my best friend. He still makes my stomach all a flutter. And he is an amazing daddy.


My bonus kids made me a mom when it was the thing I wanted most in the world! Paige returned home from college last night and it was like an extra 5000 watt bulb went on in our house.


Meanwhile, it is hard to fathom our first Christmas without Josh.

And my babies? Well, yesterday about made my heart burst. They have always been performers…when they wanted to be. I wasn’t sure how their first school Christmas program would go, but it was, well, swell. And magical. And I am so proud of them, their big
passion, their little voices, their loving hearts. And perhaps nothing in the world gives me more joy than those special smiles sent from across a room, meant just for their Mama.


Getting to spend time with them building our new life is pretty cool, too. Even though there are many people we miss, even though KK insists she wants snow, being on the beach in December is a fabulous gift, too~


Thank God for kids.

Thank God for His kid.

Thank God for innocent souls singing about ‘the dawn of redeeming grace.’

I hope your Christmas is already merry!