They are 15 months apart (and 25% Irish).

They are each other’s best friend, if not always each other’s favorite person.

They both love DisneyWorld, Disney movies, Christmas, animals, playing pretend, pasta, ice cream, music, their family, and Jesus.

One is a a brunette with olive skin and green-brown eyes.

One is blonde, fair, blue-eyed.

One is all about the pink and Princessy.

One likes things bright, fast, and loud.

One asked for a Rapunzel wig and a Cinderella dress.

One asked for a red surf board.

One likes to be in the center of it all.

One likes to observe, analyze, and then act with total commitment.

They are both beautiful, smart, sweet, and funny, though they express all these things in their own (sometimes very precise) ways.

And they both have great taste in shoes.

I am ever grateful for my sweet Irish-y twins this week. I love this week!
What are you ever grateful for?
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