Alternative title: what made me gain weight on the cruise

Chips, salsa, and a tiny spot of guacamole was on the starter menu every night. I ordered the first night because it’s among my favorite treats, but it was just ok. I ordered it the last night because I believe in 2nd chances.

This was from sushi night. Only one of them got spit out into my napkin. I’m a pretty blah sushi eater, and I’m all about the wasabi.

The melon and prosciutto blossoms (petals? I can’t remember) were my favorite starter (I’m kind of all about the starters no matter where I’m eating). They were pretty and yummylicious.

Warm chocolate melting cake, served with ganache and ice cream, nightly.
I didn’t eat it one of the nights. Please don’t tell KK, as ganache is among her favorite foods.
This should be on your bucket list.

The pièce de résistance. The bread could have been better, or not there. Cheese makes it taste good. This is one of the indisputable facts of life.

as good as cruise food is, the best part was the music, the friends, the view, and this time, coming back to my own ocean view at home! Now, if only someone would bring me a cheese plate every night at my own table.

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