I had another wonderful and appreciated opportunity to review a product, provided to me by DaySpring. All opinions here are – surprise – mine!

Give thanks at the table.

That’s a theme for the incourage (in)spired deals this month, but wow…I have to say, it is a lifestyle for me. What better place to be thankful than at the kitchen table, laden with food, surrounded with loved ones?

This month in particular, this is sacred to me. In November, we celebrate Miranda’s 5th birthday, and we also celebrate our first major holiday in our new home. Thanksgiving has been special to us for a myriad of reasons during our marriage (and not just because I’ve spent two of them recovering from surgery and another from student teaching!). It is a precious day to celebrate all we have – with a nary a worry about what we need to get.

On Thanksgiving, everything we need is represented around our table.

Oh, and Miranda’s birthday? It’s our Real Life Reminder that Jesus still does miracles!

We will celebrate both occasions this year with bits and pieces from old and new traditions.

The old:
– I will cook and bake like a madwoman.
– I will want as many people around as we can handle.
– We will play a lot of Christmas music.

The new:
– (some of the) people
– turkey cooking technique
– apron to wear!


Due to a daughter returning from college (just in time for her little sister’s birthday!), due to a think outside-the-box birthday party, due to an ‘urban family’ Thanksgiving feast, due to the new information that Mom and Dad will be returning home to all the others we miss after the holiday weekend, I find my heart absolutely overflowing with the thoughts of how blessed we are this year.


Our new road to our new home has come with its share of unexpected hurdles and unexpected blessings, and what I love most about this apron (besides that it will keep all my black shirts from being covered in flour) is that it calls out the life and faith philosophy that This Season teaches me to cling to: crazy gratefulness.

Next week, as family comes and goes, as precious new friends seal their places as part of our family (as only a 5 year old princess party or an eating holiday can do!), as we place those greeting-card-esque calls to the dear ones far from us, I will be every grateful for each blessing.

….especially these…


(And I will look cute while making my portion of the Thanksgiving menu!)

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(Comment no later than November 21…and we’ll announce a winner on Miranda’s birthday!)