Today is the 5 month anniversary of our move from Chicagoland to South Carolina (drumroll, cue blog title). I can hardly believe it. I told Rod just yesterday that it feels like our whole summer was a dream, not only because we moved across the country and then went to Branson and then resumed here, but because most of the things we spent the summer working feverishly on have not come to pass in the way we thought they would or expected them to, so… to put it mildly, a feeling of surreality has swept over me these days.

not to mention uncertainty, but that’s another diatribe.

Now that Mom and Dad are here, the girls have gone to a shorter day at school, and since my work schedule is quite flexible right now, I used an afternoon to take care of something we’d neglected: visiting the public library.

I have always loved the library.

At home or back in Chicago, depending on whom I am talking to, the library had become really important to us in the last two years, when Rod and I were both working from home. We used it as an office sometimes, and Paige, while homeschooled, used it for quiet time. And because of the long, loooong midwestern winters, and a local library which happened to have a wonderful kids’ selection and play area, the girls and I often spent mornings or afternoons there, reading, playing, coloring, and sometimes, sneaking in a few donuts and catching up with our friends.

Our trip to the Conway library was long overdue, as I’ve been buying more books than our quota allows (I blame the Scholastic flyers from school. Who can resist?). The outside building is old looking (it’s in the historic district, after all) and lovely, but it’s not exactly on the way to anything. Though we live in Conway, we are way off the beaten path, and we do life in Myrtle Beach. Alas, the MB library is the one in the county that is on its own lender system, so to Conway we went, about a 45 minute drive from the girls’ school.

But I always bring them snacks.

The library was devoid of familiarity, of random or planned run-ins with friends, or pleasant conversations with new mommies or awkward pleasantries with those mommies. Its collection is not nearly as big as the one we are used to, but seriously, my almost-5 and 3.5 year olds don’t really know that. (OK, they did notice the quaintness of the DVD collection, but considering we could fill a redbox from our own, they’re a little snobbish about movies.

What was exciting for them? Well, their own library cards:


And the cool orange chairs:


And the playhouse:


They each found a handful of books plus one movie, and Randa even managed to find a Big Girl Book to try, and as fortune would have it, it is one of my absolute favorite, read a dozen times, practically know by heart selections from grade school:

I said I would be happy to read it to her, but I think she just likes the cover. I always did, too.

Our little afternoon adventure was fun. We have 28 days to enjoy the books, cool key-card swipies and online access for checking out, and other branches to visit and explore. And most importantly, I love that, just as my mom did with me, I get to share a love of stories with my girls.

They We have much to look forward to.


Happy Weekend.