I am teetering on the edge this week. The edge of what? Well, it could be any number of things...success, failure, victory, insanity. It all depends. I’m still waiting to find out.

Meanwhile, I remain grateful for the things that add joy, clarity, and perspective to our crazy days…

like our proximity to the beach

and how well Kaity and Miranda have adjusted to so many changes since May.

Essentially, they have gone from being with Rod, me, and Paige most of the time to spending 9 hours a day in school. (ouch. 9 hours hurts me right now).

But they love their teachers, they’ve made new friends, they’re in touch with their old friends, they are satisfied with our having juice and crackers for them at pick up time and (usually) quality time to spend every evening.

Meanwhile, tomorrow, Paige comes home to visit and celebrate her 18th birthday.

We’ve taken to impromptu dinners with new friends. It helps.

And we love fall here. It’s warm, y’all.

(even though Miranda found it cold when the temp dipped to 75 for a quick minute last week).

This week, I organized my files and the counter around the kitchen sink and the coffee table (baskets. candles. aaaaaah…) I am embracing my crock pot. Next week, Rod has to travel, and I plan to start getting space ready for our new roommates, who will be here in 3ish weeks(!!)

I am on the edge. I live there a lot. It’s not as exciting as other edges, and thankfully not as dangerous. It’s not the calm life I sometimes long for but secretly think I might find boring. But where it is, we’re together, occasionally eating Hostess snack cakes before dinner.

And that’s gonna do for now.