It was bound to happen.

The day Rod and I arrived at our new house with the moving truck + trailer – sheets and towels, I coined a phrase. At least, I think I did.


The first thing we did was name our home network after it. The second thing I did was use it on Facebook. The third thing, well, duh, was to buy the domain, as it so completely sums up my mental state of being.

I waited a while to set it up. I have reserved other domains in the past few years and not used them, and I wanted to be sure about the change. After all, it took me forever to let ‘kelshouse’ go.

But another season change means a blog name change, too.

Chicagolina fits. It’s not that I don’t believe I still hold stuff together (hence, ‘the glue’ and ‘my life as’), but…it’s very different from what it was. We no longer function in a crazy state of 2 teens, 2 tots. And for this season, at least, we aren’t driving all over the place in a 40 foot bus. And, due to the nature of life when a family moves away from everyone they know, everything about holding IT together has been a team effort lately.

Side note: she might not know it yet. But I will offer space here to my friend Cindy, who recently moved from Chicago to North Carolina, ‘only’ four hours away from us. Plus… emails for whomever wants one!


So I took the phrase and made a logo:

What do I mean by ‘Chicagolina?’ Well, it’s the merging of 2 cultures, the one I grew up and began my adulthood and started my family in, and the one I’ve come to settle in. It’s best described by example, like how I have fallen in love with BARBECUE and am learning not to be in such a hurry (especially in the deli line or the gas station, because good GRIEF). It’s the weird state of mind I’m in over seeing trick or treat candy and chili fixings in the store when it’s 90 degrees outside. It’s my need to sometimes wear a ‘I HAVE MY OWN FRIENDS’ t-shirt so people don’t think I’m a lone loser, and the way I’m learning that it’s ok to be both open and needy for new friendships and closed off to them all at once. It’s not having any clue about the teams here, but still being able to recite the lyrics to ‘The Super Bowl Shuffle’ and the starting line-up for the 84 Cubs.

It’s a happy place, because I have a rich history to share with my kids and all the new people in my life, and I also can lay claim to loving sweet tea, the BEEEEEACH!, palm trees, BARBECUE, every Walmart being a Super, a few dozen lovely local restaurants, and possibly never having to wear panty hose or snow boots ever again.


Welcome to my Chicagolina. Lovers of Aurelio’s pizza and Sea Captain’s House can feel equally at home here.