‘…But wherever it is that I am meant to be, I’m learning, bit by bit, day by day, how to open my heart up to it and accept the imminent and inevitable change.’ Relevant Magazine

I have a confession to make that seems scandalous to me.

Ten week into my new life…

I love my job.

Also, I am so happy for my kids, who are so excited about starting school. At a school.

I am thrilled for Paige as she prepares to leave for college at her dream school.

I’m exhilarated by the thought of Rod and I ‘taking on the world,’ just the 2 of us.

And, I feel at home at the beach.


It doesn’t mean I don’t still believe my kids are in the best care available to them when they are with me, because no one ever could love them more. But also, no one knows them better…and I know this experience is something that fits and is best for their lives today, (and I know that everything could change tomorrow).


We tend to live our lives in bursts of grand passion. Sometimes the objects of our passions stick, and sometimes they fade. Sometimes, the process of sifting through it all is exhausting, bewildering, seemingly fruitless. But I would rather keep riding the wave of a life that brings the unexpected than settle for whatever today holds in case it’s the best it will ever get.

{ photos by becky }