‘And honestly I must be stupid to think love is love, but I do.’ – Aimee Mann

Among the 6 million or so things I have felt or learned or observed in this Moving Process, it’s that more than ever, even when it makes sense less than ever, love is the thing.

Love is the glue.

Love is the gift.

Love is the reason.

Love is the source.

Love is the strength.

Love is the ‘a-ha’ moment.

Love is the thing that makes it ok.

Love is what makes acquaintances into friends, friends into family, and family into our fiber.

Love is the cleansing tears and the uninhibited laughter.

Love is what makes time fly and what makes a moment live forever.



Perhaps I knew all of this before, but being here, thrown head first into All Things New, depending on an intimate crew (how thankful I am for you!) instead of a big circle of wagons (how I miss you!), spurs me to find silver linings and anchors and outlets that i took for granted when I was in a world of familiar, when I could navigate the everyday with a blindfold on.

Truth is, even though this morning I woke up with butterflies in my stomach over nothing specific and everything in the world, even though i really did cry while filling out those emergency contact forms and almost swore trying to get an appointment with a new pediatrician, and even though i kind of don’t know what I am doing on a regular basis, I like it here. I’m glad we did this. And I think it’s going to be good.