Two years ago, the excitement was that I got a bike stroller so they could ride with me.

Here we are, two harried summers and a few dozen bike rides later. I gave my bike away before the move (because a moving truck, trailer, 2 cars, and a bus could not contain all our crap), but I brought the stroller, thinking it would just be a matter of time before a few new bikes took residence in our garage.

I was right.



My babies are taking on the sidewalk on their own terms now. Sigh. Time flies by me in a blur of pink and purple and endless chatter and excited giggles.

Special thanks to our team of rocket engineers for making this evening possible…




  • Castleaj

    Hi, there,
    You always were an outstanding writer. Even as a 14 year old kid, you could nail the feelings of a 60 year old…always amazed me, wonderful insights and right on vocabulary! You continue to be amazing!
    So glad you’re life is so good.
    Kisses to the girls.
    Love you,

    • Anonymous

      I so rarely get a comment here I forget to check. Thank you for that. That old-soulness has done me well now that I’ve grown into it. This unexpected life of mine puts words to use and often eludes them, too!
      Love you much!