We seem to always find the limbo situations.

I guess in Christianese, we are planters rather than harvesters.

In the professional world, we are starter-uppers.

It’s exhausting.

The nice thing about being on the ground floor of something is getting to form what it looks and feels like, getting to grow it organically, getting to forge the connections that make foundations and memories, and being able to look back and say, ‘Yep, that’s my baby.’

The tiring thing is all the unknowns that constantly swirl about, that cause you to speak in abstractions and hypotheticals to the point of annoying yourself. Sometimes you have to change your mind about what makes sense and what is best, sometimes you lose the control to keep your promises, and sometimes, protecting the integrity of a project ends up making you look like a jerk. Or worse, a moron.

I am navigating a lot of new terrain in my current limbo. I am waiting on some basic elements while working to create something, you know, AMAZING, even though huge blanks still exist. Ten years ago it would have only been exhilarating. In my current status of transition in every aspect of my life, it IS exciting, but with a big fat side of, Seriously, are we there yet?

I know part of this lesson for me, and dare I say, for my dear husband, too, is Wait. Just wait. . And I have to admit, as much as I despise the thought of trudging toward an end I can’t quite see and definitely cannot control, the outcome in the past has always been better than my expectations.


…the kids I wasn’t supposed to have


…the gospel event nobody signed off on, and the friends who ‘weren’t supposed to be there’ (We praise Jesus for your healing every day, Clubber!)

…the transition we were crazy to make!

a few cases in point.

(top 2 photos by Emma)