We call Kaity crazy often. She has very passionate and specific ideas about how things should go. She works very hard to make them happen. When they don’t happen the way she believes they should, she yells, hits, cries, and sometimes, throws herself prostrate upon the floor.

…a  picture of steel ambition melting into utter defeat.

She is 3.. and just like me.

I don’t know why we always have to try so hard. I believe it’s ok to be ambitious. God makes us all a certain way, and the Capriotti-Burton family is full of leaders. We have visions and we grab a paint brush to turn them into reality. We have a task set before us and we run to it. We are challenged and we strap on our shield and unsheath our swords and dare the opposition to take us down.

And sometimes, it does.

I think it is ok not to be passive, but my lack of patience for passiveness is getting me into unpleasant circumstances now and then. Not everyone moves at my pace. Not everyone sees as I do, even if, you know, I just know I am right. And even though God made me the kind of person who paves ways instead of waiting for them…

… sometimes, when you’ve waited, then moved on, then torn down walls, then used the tools you have until they don’t work anymore, and you’re still waiting for it to work,

you just need to stop.

And rest.

And wait.

It doesn’t have to feel like defeat. It doesn’t have to send you crumbling.

Maybe, just maybe, it needs to look like rest…’cause you can kick down walls all day long, but you can’t make something out of nothing.

Now, I am going to take a sledge hammer to my slow-loading computer…