..who change diapers when they are babies and still clean up the puke when they are teenagers.

..who don’t want us to go anywhere but still give us away.

..who consistently tell the daughters they are pretty AND smart..like their Mommy.

..who are proud but sensitive, hard-working but playful, informative and teachable.

..who still adore our Moms

..who still kiss their sons and tear up at the thoughts of how their kids have grown

..who brag in a non-competitive way

..who protect but give space

..who give advice and don’t get too mad when it isn’t taken

..who ask for help from their Heavenly Father

..who give hugs.

..who give themselves

I am so blessed to have a husband who is as wonderful a Daddy as my own, a Dad who is still with me (I miss you so much today), a brother who has and will always step up for his family, and many other special men in my life whose integrity is matched by their great big hearts. I love you all every day and thank God especially for you today.