I went to the ocean twice.

The girls went to the neighborhood pool twice.

I put my parents on a plane twice.

I said goodbye a few more times.

I made tour appointments at two preschools.

I gave 2 interviews and set up a press conference that people want to come to.

I ‘read my own press’ and decided most people who comment on news stories are mean.

I got psyched for Branson.


I started counting calories, again. 10 down pounds by Branson?
(’cause I organized my closet, and seriously, if that happens I have a LOT of clothes!)

I bought and bartered for radio time for Branson. Are we there yet?

I unpacked about a dozen more boxes. Yikes. Behind there.

I cooked dinners.

I tried and liked Dollar General.

We found a park, a library, a church to try, and some shortcuts.

The gas price dropped every day. (South Carolina, yo!)

I watched Chicago lose, again.

I played catch with Kaity, mitts and all.

I missed home.

But this felt like home, too.

I didn’t talk to my old friends enough,

nor did I make new ones (and I don’t really feel ready yet).

I watched Miranda turn bronzer and older by the minute.

I watched Paige do what she does…adjust with a smile on her face.

I watched Rod be happier than I’ve seen him in a long time.

I watched Kaity run everywhere, smelled her new smell (it’s beach with her, all the time)…and stood in awe while watching her fly.

I wonder what comes next week.