– red wildflowers on the side of the road

– a fascination with mountains, and how in the world did ‘they’ get those roads through there?

– the stockyboy in Kroger’s did not know what I meant when I asked for the location of the “pop.” So, all those cliches about what soda/pop/Coke is called around the country areTRUE.

– Kroger puts things in weird places

– I will not be shopping regularly in Kroger, but I am looking forward to checking out Food Lion.

– the nearest store to my new home is 10 miles away

– most of those 10 miles are down a country road with little traffic and no stoplights, so it’s not so bad…

– but getting ‘carry-out’ for dinner seems like not a good option

– the term HOA gets used a lot around here. I’m not really a fan of Homeowner’s Associations, and since we’re renting, I feel a little like the teenagers who everyone is waiting to do something stupid. Hopefully, that passes. And speaking of passes, at least having an HOA also means we have a POOL! (with, ahem, pool passes).

– a frog on my front door and another in my garage

– 4 neighbors who stopped by to say hi, two with little kids who are looking for friends (YAY)

– I am not too ashamed to cry in the middle of Walmart from the sheer nervousness and loneliness that comes with this big, big life change

– we did not leave any towels out to use until we unpack. Yeah… (back to Walmart today!)

– our new home is beautiful and spacious and so is the surrounding neighborhood. Our yard backs up to the woods. We have tons of closets and great light…

– but for the unforeseeable future, I will be that annoying Carolina person who refers to a different place as “back home.”

– this won’t really be home anyway until our girls get here
(and I can cook dinner for everyone)

– the word Chicagolina. I made it up. Isn’t it great?

– I can lift stuff that’s way heavier than KK & Randa’s combined 65 pounds. It’s been awhile, but I am still strong and capable, and especially at this time in life, I am grateful for that.

– My husband is my best friend, and he is enough. We laughed so hard yesterday. He didn’t make fun of me for the odd moments when I cried. And all that is to be discovered here, we will do together.