There were many songs I listened to during my 16ish hours of ALONE TIME, in the car on the way from Homewood, IL to Conway, SC.

Many of them were profound to how I was feeling, which was every way. I haven’t had so much time to think in years. I let myself reminice about things long in the past…grandparents, friends, even a few teenage ex-boyfriends and school dances. Some of those songs told the story of my life with Rod and how it developed over the last decade or so. Some reminded me of how amazing it felt to be a new mama. And this one, well…it sums up a lot of things for me.

I hated leaving friends, family, relationships, roots.

But I love forging this new life with Rod and our kids.

We just need a little earth to stand on, get our hearts on solid ground, turn the lights down on this city, wake up in a new hometown. We’ll dance our in our front yard where we can finally breathe if we find a little earth to stand on, Baby, you and me.

We already feel ourselves awakening and flourishing here. The sun is good for us. The space gives us some room to stretch. The ocean feels so close to the Creator of it. This doesn’t take away the worries and second guesses, the feelings of loss or the actually being lost (there are only 4 roads we need to know, but I managed to go the wrong way on one tonight). But it does mean we can take a deep breath and feel at home.