We woke today to news so large and tragic that it was hard, will remain nearly impossible, to fathom.

We prayed – because we believe,

He’s got the whole world in HIS HANDS.

And our life plans had to continue, so,

I wiped a few tears as I left my littles in Ohio for the first time,

and smiled big smiles as Rod and I drove our oldest girl to

her college!

During our day of discovery and fun,

the rest of the world kept spinning… a train disappeared, water swallowed lives and dreams, and the fortunate grateful (including our dear neighbors) made contact with their loved ones in Japan –

and we,

– thank You, Jesus,

received the most wonderful news.

~~~Lately it seems that the number of people we know and love who have cancer is growing at a regular, alarming rate.

BUT: Our Papa B in Texas is fighting.

ALSO: Our friend D in Texas is determined (back to work & ministry this week!)

AND: Our friend V, at our church, who had been told by 2 doctors that the options were limited and there were no guarantees, today was told that the results of her lung biopsy were:


Our friend, who sat at our kitchen table Monday night,
shining with love for her family,
with grace and strength I can only hope to have someday,
who spoke of the mighty hand of her God –
has been rescued by Him.

{meanwhile, a 5 year old friend of ours who battled a terrible infection all week
our friends’ adult daughter who battled a terrible infection all week ~
Both were released to go home from the hospital…
My children are getting to experience THEIR prayers being answered!}

Sometimes it feels like life is such a wilderness. The last 9 months have felt that way for me…shaky plans, hurt feelings, gray skies, sad news…

Today was a victory – not for the world, which suffers greatly tonight, but in our little world, where one less person has to suffer tonight through the nightmare of cancer tonight.

He has us all in His hands!

This isn’t how you sang it in Sunday School ;)