Mostly, I don’t know the details of our life right now!

But I am sick of blogging/tweeting/status-updating in code, so here is where our life is as of this moment:

We’ve taken our house off the market. After a countless string of showings that produced no offers since May, we’ve conceded that we can’t compete in this current market. Our house is spacious and in great shape, but it’s not glamorous or brand new, and we can’t afford to sell it at the price of modern/shiny & unfortunately foreclosed homes. This market sucks for everyone. It just does. And meanwhile…

– We need to move. While we can still afford our mortgage and our (really high Cook County/HW) taxes, it’s too much house for us and we can’t afford it for long. Sooo…we’re now looking for renters and preparing for the possibility that after months of waiting to move (to Nashville), we might be moving really quickly… to somewhere else.

– Where? Well, that is the question that remains to be answered. We have an exciting, seemingly perfectly-crafted-and-sent-by-God-with-a-big-red-bow job opportunity. If it works out, we’d both be working at things we love to do in a family-friendly environment that would stretch us, grow us, pay us, and allow us to still work and grown our ministry and help our friends in ministry. The opportunity is in South Carolina. The answer is…on the way.

– Plan B. We have one. Because you have to have one, even if faith says to trust totally in Plan A. We trust. We trust that this SC opportunity is from God…but we don’t know if it’s because we’re supposed to “end up” there or because we are supposed to learn a bunch of stuff and this is a landmark on the way through that, or something like that. Plan B keeps us closer to where we live now and a whole lot of people we love and would miss terribly. Plan B might mean we don’t get to homeschool the littles right now. Plan B means yet another career change in our household. I am not thrilled at the prospect of Plan B, but I am grateful for it. Some people don’t have any opportunities right now. We are so blessed to have options.

– Paige B She’s going to University of Kentucky. She’s been accepted to her #1 college choice as an early-graduating junior! Could I be prouder of this kid? No stinking way. She is not only smart (which we have no control over), but she is a hard-worker, a go-getter, and a mature, considerate, ambitious person of integrity. She reminds me so much of her dad, so I know she will be great at whatever she chooses to do!

February was a tough month, but a growing month. Patience has always been a struggle for me, and every day I find myself shrugging off this waiting game and distracting myself with The Stuff There Is To Do In The Mean Time. Unfortunately, I also get distracted with utter crap sometimes (either drama, the queens who make it, general worries, or Facebook). Rod has been reiterating to me the story of Nehemiah (which I sum up as this: “Back off, Jack. I gotta build this wall like God told me to.”) I have been reading Galatians and finding great inspiration in the words of Paul. I’ve also been greatly enjoying 3 great teaching series at our church: Sunday mornings give us “The Attributes of God” and “Disciples of Jesus” and Wednesday nights are on Revelation.

Being fed with the Word of God, the map for our lives, the guide book, is beyond helpful. And teaching my Miranda the story of creation…well, if God made the whole stinking universe, I’m pretty sure He “has this,” you know?

Someone asked me the other day what our “answer that answers a thousand questions is.” I said that answer is...still on the way. And apparently, at least for today, the answer is STILL to be STILL and wait and trust and know it’s coming.