We still don’t know when we’re going…

we only know it’s soon.

And we still don’t quite know where,

we just know it will be HOME.

Because HOME is where we are together… that is what happens when you are blessed with a family.

So as I packed last weekend – books and CDs and pictures and nik-nax and office supplies and cookbooks and the tea kettle and refrigerator magnets and books,

I shed some tears for the house we’re leaving ~

we made excellent memories here.

And I am grateful for the memories we’ve made

and the knowledge that we’ve only just begun.

MirandaAnd as I sell the baby gear and pack the clothes for Goodwill,

as I throw away some of the Sunday School papers and cards,

I know that the LIFE we have does not reside in any tangible things,

but in the smiles and laughs and hollers and tears and hugs and tickles and parties and fights ~

wherever we are, wherever we go.


Between high school and marriage, after having lived in the same house for 18 years, I moved 7 times.

I got really good at it.

As I pack this house, I find I’ve lost my skills a bit…or maybe I never had them, because packing a person is a lot different than packing a family. And packing a room/apartment/condo is a lot different than packing a home.

Everything I touch has a memory associated with it.

And, by the grace of God, in this house for the last 8.5 years, most of those memories have been really, really good.

My marriage began here.

I became a mom – four times, really – here.

I entertained family and a truly amazing circle of friends.

Songs were sung in the red room just like I planned, big meals cooked in the kitchen, babies nursed in the family room, Christmas decorations set up on every available space, and as you know, not a wall unadorned with pictures.


Maybe it would help to know where and when this move is happening,

but I doubt it.

My feelings will remain mixed…

excitement for where I’m going,
gratefulness for who’s coming with me,
sadness for who and what will not be there.