All she asked for, for her 3rd birthday, was a violin (looking for one) and a rabbit (not happening). I had a deal (half off and free shipping) from Shutterfly, so I decided to make our little bookworm a storybook of most of the places she has been in her short little life.

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I can’t wait to see where we take her she takes us next!

Happy Birthday to our family’s baby, KK. Her little life is going by in a whirl. Her passion is already big. Her spirit is full of life. Her baby cheeks, bright eyes, perfect skin, sly smile, floppy blond hair, & blue-painted toenails are among the most beautiful sights in my world. When she was born, I remember thinking of her as a mystery, and she is telling me her story very slowly. She is one of my absolute favorite people in the world; makes me feel and laugh like no other. As independent as she prefers to be, she still hugs with all her might and curls into my shoulder like she did when she was born (as pictured, at 6 days old). There are no words to describe to amount of love I feel for our K-K-K-Kaity. I hope every passing year brings her even a portion of the joy she brings me and our whole family.