I have always been fortunate to have positive males in my life…my dad, of course, my big brother, my grandpa, my uncle, my great uncle, some cousins, and a variety of friends. I now have my stepson, a few wonderful and amazing “uncle figures,” many music friends, and husbands of my friends, all who comprise “the guys.” (one of them is in the background of the picture : )

But there are 2 guys who mainly play a role in my everyday life…one, of course, being my dear, wonderful, smart, sexy, talented best friend and business partner, baby daddy and husband of nearly 8 years, Rod…

And the other being The Guy Most Likely To Drive Me Insane, but who also has given me the opportunity I’ve always dreamed of to be a regularly published writer. Rob and I have great energy as co-workers (well, if you ask him, he’s technically my boss) and as friends…though we typically see each other twice a year. Sometimes we don’t talk for two weeks, sometimes we talk or text or email back and forth for 2 hours.

Happily, they are both quite understanding when I call them by the wrong name…and they are friends as well, which is the way it should be.

Yesterday, Rob (ahem, finally) sent me some pictures that were taken in Branson in July. I just love this one. The older I get, the more I seem to want to be surrounded by other women, to be inundated in the sisterhood, so I am grateful to have Godly, strong, funny, and supportive male anchors in my life…and grateful to have a photo of this happy memory of a very successful, very eventful night at Branson GMC 2010.