Today I went to a wake for my dear friend’s grandpa. I’ve know her since we were 5, and so I also know most of her family. My dad discovered this picture at the funeral home: Mr. Herman Carcelli with my Great Uncle, Mr. Joe Novelli, who has been gone since 2003.

Uncle Joe was my Gramma’s only living brother and he, his wife (sweet Auntie Ann), and their son John were always at our family gatherings; John still is, always displaying his parents’ generous spirit and wonderful ability to cook. Uncle Joe passed away right before I got married… I so missed being able to dance with him at my wedding later that year. Since I was a kid, he was always asking, “Are you married yet?”  Yep, Uncle Joe… and loving it!

I hate that more and more of their precious generation is leaving us, but I love watching the legacy they have left: strong family ties, hard work, appreciation for good friendship and food, love for life.

May God continue to bless the families they leave behind, and may we continue to work to make them proud.