Edited because I forgot to list ‘Q’ & to ask a question…

On day 4 of school, Miranda seemed to be grasping the ABCs better, or at least, not pretending she didn’t know what was what.

I decided some familiar corresponding words might help, so I made her – and KK – alphabet flash cards featuring Disney characters, movie names, and places.

As I was searching for pictures for these, I found 2 great sites:

Disney Clip Art

Disney’s Family’s printable alphabet

I almost stopped making my own when I found the other version, but some of their characters weren’t familiar, and I think I found a much better use for “X.”

Also, in the spirit of homeschooling, I’m sharing what I made~

Randa & KK’s Disney ABCs

And for those who aren’t total Disney-dorks like we are, here is the key to the letters~ [with a few alternate suggestions]

A- Ariel (Little Mermaid) [Aladdin, Aurora]
B – Buzz [Bambi, Belle, Beast]
C- castle
C- Cinderella
D- Dumbo
E- Enchanted
F – Flounder (Little Mermaid)
G – Goofy
H – Hercules [Heffalump, Hook]
I – Incredibles
J – Jasmine
K –
Kocoum (Pochahontas)
M – Mickey (of course!)
N – Nemo
O – Owl (Winne the Pooh)
P – Pochahontas [Peter Pan or Pinnochio]
Q- Queen (because I must pay homage to the original evil stepmom…)
R- Rapunzel
S – Simba (The Lion King)
T – Tiana (Princess & the Frog) [Tinkerbell]
U – Ursula (Little Mermaid)
V – Violet (Incredibles)
W – Woody [Wendy from Peter Pan]
X – Xebec (Ahem: A Mediterranean ship used mostly for trading, much like those in Pirates of the Caribbean!)
Y – Yao (Mulan)
Z – Zazu (Lion King)

I printed these on cardstock, trimmed them to 4.25 x 2.5 inches each, and punched holes in the right-hand corner so they could be put on a ring & removed for structured practice.

After Randa & KK played with them, quite excitedly, for a few hours last night, I started to wonder: Does every homeschool need a laminator?