Thanks to Elmo’s Happy Holidays, Kaity recently asked if we could celebrate Hanukkah.

Seemed like a good request to me. In the last year or so, particularly as my kids fell in love with the story of Moses, I have found myself wondering why Christians let go of celebrating Jewish holidays. They are, after all, part of our heritage, too.

Rod’s mom married a Jewish man, who is also a Christian. When I realized we’d be celebrating Christmas with them in Ohio during Hanukkah, I asked Grandpa Larry if we could celebrate Hanukkah as well.

And we did ! ~ complete with a menorah, prayers, dradles, and chocolate gelt. Grandpa explained the miracle of Hanukkah to our girls, who were sweetly captivated, as were we.

We got great video & pictures…but what we don’t have is my camera cord, which allows me to upload my pictures. I can’t find it anywhere.

But we have memories…we have knowledge of another of God’s miracles to celebrate…and we have this snazzy little tidbit from one of my favorite shows. Happy Hanukkah!