Sometimes people look at my profile and say, WAHM? What’s that?

It makes me feel like an alien sometimes, being a Work At Home Mom, though I am finding more and more women who are doing just the same.

On a typical working day in my house, there are many moving pieces that range from efficient to crazy. The “work” is editing the magazine or doing one of a number of things for Branson GMR or Rod’s music ministry.. The “home” is our house, where the office is set up in the dining room but sometimes migrates to the kitchen counter. The “from” home means that usually, I am working while being with my kids (4 and nearly 3 years old), with the help of my husband, who is also currently working from home, our 17 year old daughter, who this year is schooling-from-home, my dad, who is retired and helps about one day a week, and, I somewhat guiltily add, a very extensive family DVD collection and fenced in yard!

Sometimes I talk to my publisher while I am making dinner. Laundry is often folded during conference calls. Once, during a radio phone interview, my kids broke a glass candle holder. Pretty much all the time I am working in jeans and t-shirts (and lipstick, of course). Cuddle time in the morning is typically accompanied by my HTC or a notebook. And coffee flows all day long.

I am thankful that I can work and be with my kids. The day I got pregnant with Miranda was also The Day I decided I’d be giving up my teaching job (though I let it stew for awhile before actually resigning). I can’t really imagine not being with my kids every day, though there are some days I’d gladly let one of their out of state relatives borrow them for a few weeks!

We’re currently in the process of considering what 2011 is going to look like for  us, whether it’s going to include one or both of us working outside the home, and the probability of that equating to some outside pre-school time for the girls. Though I admit I am attracted to the ritual organization of our time, I would/will miss flexibility and moments like this, which represent the very, very best of our WAH life:

A year ago was our first ever press conference for Branson GMR. We’ve had several more since then, but our  most recent was the best, because not only was Santa there (because Branson is just that great), but my kids were there, too. And my dear friend Wanda captured this picture, which is going to be framed on my desk somewhere, so that I can recall on frozen-pizza nights and guilt-ridden production weeks how happy we all are with this season of togetherness, even if the togetherness is wacky and disheveled.

For this moment and others like it, I wouldn’t trade for a big salary, a formal lunch break, or co-workers who don’t appreciate the fineness of Little Einsteins.