I don’t know how other moms feels, so I can’t compare.

I don’t know if it’s any different for me –

because I am a stepmom
because I was infertile
becauseI believed I didn’t deserve such a gift.

But –
every day,
for the past 4 years (as of 1:32 pm )
a vision in pink
has been in my arms –
and now she smiles, laughs, sings, makes-believe, writes her “M”s, cares for her ‘baby’ sister, helps her big sister bake cupcakes, chats incessantly, crowns herself our Princess
She. Is. So. Precious
that I can no longer imagine my life or myself without her…

All I know is that a
with long brown hair, sparkly green eyes, bunny teeth, and twirly-dresses
was given to me,
not because I deserve it or even believed it would happen
but just because God loves us all that much.
And how can I ever doubt
God’s love or power
when it dances around me every day
and prays with me every night.

How fitting it seems to me every year since 2006
that she was born the week of Thanksgiving,
because since she came to us,
it is easy even on the worst days, to see what we have to give thanks for.

Miranda Rose:
she’s a miracle,
she’s our baby,
she named me Mama and completed my heart.
She is, today, my beautiful, kind, and amazing
FOUR year old daughter.

Her birthdays thus far:

Born on Thanksgiving Eve…worth spending my favorite holiday in the hospital with the cutest turkey ever!

Her 1st birthday was on Thanksgiving day…we celebrated all week long. She loved Gramma’s chocolate pie the best.

Her 2nd birthday…and the 1st she spent as a big sister!

At age 3, she came fully into her royalty and has not looked back!



  • loretta

    i like this kelly she is so pretty happy birthday miranda we love you hope you like your gift love ungle jr aunt loretta

  • Gina_capriotti

    And Happy Birthday to my sweet little niece. I love you Randa :) Love Auntie Gina