I love blogs, I do. I also love magazines. I read as many of each as I can cram into my life, and I am often caught recommending, explaining, reacting to some story that I have read or tidbit that touched me.

I love stories. And I don’t have all the time I wish to write them right now, but there are thousands running through my head.

I am pretty sure I also have adult-onset ADHD.

Anyway, on Saturday morning, lounging in my bed while the littles were at my parents’ house, a friend of mine posted a link to a blog. Another one. And it was another Mommy story, which are in droves around me yet so hard to resist.

So, I read it.

And… I can’t get it out of my head.

(Sidenote: It was written by Compassion blogger Ann Voskamp, which I just discovered. Yay!)

(Also, thanks Tammy!)

I also cannot say it better than this writer did. So here is the link: What Mother Must Sacrifice

And meanwhile, I will only say that I have accepted the challenge of the words, whether they were meant as such for me or not. There are so many things to do, desires and dreams to chase, minutes to steal for this and that. But at the end of each day, I hope I can say I gave my little ones my first, my best, my softest ~ not my frustrations, not my leftovers. And in that, I pray they are always getting what they need.

More to come..