Looks like we might have one more Happy Birthday Jesus celebration here.
Yes, I am crying in the 2009 version. Shut up.

Since we got married, we’ve been saying, We’re going to move.

First it was when Paige graduated high school (anticipated: 2012).

Then it was to be when Josh graduated high school (2009).

Then it was this year, and so the house when up for sale.

And now we wait.

During all the other times, when making long term plans, we would say to each other, and advise J&P: “Make plans as if we’re staying.” But since that ugly black and yellow sign went up on our lawn in the beginning of May, we’ve been living in a limbo state.

Do we plan parties?

Do we become church members?

Do we put up holiday decorations?

Do we sign up for classes?

Do we…should we…what if we…?

Since we’ve returned from the big trip, I have found myself sick of “that place.” There’s stuff I want to do. There are things I want the kids to do. There are stabilizations and solidifications (possibly, I made those words up) I want in place.

So last week, we filled out church membership cards.

Rod explored some continuing education options and affiliations.

I signed Miranda up for ballet class.

Paige is looking at some junior college courses for January.

And I’ve planned Miranda’s birthday party and Christmas Eve to be here…in our house, where we live.

I thought we would be gone by now, but I am ok with being here. I thought I’d be missing my IL friends by now, but instead, I’m hanging on tightly.

I feel like I was ready to bungee jump: All the tethers were strapped on and secured, my heart was pumping, my knees were bent, I was ready to jump and…

Someone told me to wait a while.

And I’ve deflated. Because…it’s a long way down!

(Another fitting metaphor: kinda like when you think you’re going to sneeze and then..Pow. Bam! BOOM! Nothin’).

We need to sell this house. We need to continue our efforts to simplify and focus.

But we need to live, and God…did not create a limbo. So I refuse to live there anymore.

If you’re not busy December 24, Christmas Eve will be at our house.

If it sells by then, I might be hosting on the bus, but the invitation is still open.