Or, A Particularly Full Day in the Life of Me

Woke up at 5am. 5am! We’re a work-and-school-at-home family. The grown-ups are up until 12 or 1. We don’t do 5am. My throat was raw and I couldn’t go back to sleep. I took my blankie and headed to the couch, turned on the DVR to BH 90210, and fell asleep until the dog’s incessant barking woke me. I fell back asleep until the kids, way upstairs, woke me around 7am. Miraculously, no one else upstairs heard them.

KK and Randa were each coughing, and every time Randa coughed, she cried. I got a text saying her BFF would not be going to dance class that morning as their whole household was sick. Ugh. Randa heard that and didn’t want to go, either. I just paid for it last week, and she is going to miss one already. Ugh. I let her cuddle for awhile and she decided to go.

On the way to dance class, they fought. And fought. KK got mad and threw first a book and then HER SHOES at me. Yeah. Dance class went off without a hitch. Randa’s teacher told me she followed directions well. SO, I know she is capable! We then met Daddy at the Sam’s Club to try our “Free Trial Membership,” but we had to wait for him in the parking lot for awhile. There was more whining and fighting and throwing. He got there. We went inside and had lunch. $9 for 3 slices of pizza, a hot dog, and 2 large drinks. Score! We practically had to saddle KK to her seat to get her to eat. Good times.

Went through the store, trying to do unit price math in my head. I think we saved on ground beef, chicken, ketchup, and Eggos. The rest, I’m not so sure. After the body cavity search at the Sam’s Club exit, we piled in the car and headed to the village hall to do our early voting. The man working the thing gave me the wrong ballot and I had to start over. KK laid on the floor in protest.

We got home, finally, and Randa put herself to bed she was so tired. KK played outside with the dog and a stick for 45 minutes. This stick in particular made me wonder if she might have a little Vampire Slayer in her:

(Do notice the “I voted” sticker…)

She went for her nap, with a fight. I prepared myself to head to 2 more stores to get the stuff we couldn’t find at Sam’s. As I left the house, my friend called. She was going on run to get chicken soup for her sick kids… Did I want to come? Oh yes. Such adventure for the Real Housewives of South Suburban Chicago. Within an hour, I’d gone to Aldi, picked her up, went to the deli, went to Jewel. Awesome.

The kids woke up as I was baking brownies and brownies and brownies for a bake sale this weekend. Paige and I talked through some school stuff and I started dinner. I was making potato soup, which starts with bacon. Randa didn’t want soup. So she and KK had bacon, eggs, and biscuits. They ate while Rod was on a 2 hour conference call. I kept baking. We got them ready for bed. Possibly, somewhere in there, I talked to my publisher for an hour as we tried to keep the next issue of the magazine from falling to little pieces and a natural disaster hit our kitchen and family room.

KK, meanwhile, put a kitchen towel on her head, called it her Joseph (as in coat-of-many-colors) Hat, and played guitar. Which, quite frankly, made the day:

I managed to read them a story…Joseph, in fact, which in their little “phonics Bible,” is told in quite a terrifying way. I edited as I read. We got them to bed. KK did her nightly “I have to pee” before we made it to the stairs…

My soup was really really thick. We watched Grey’s Anatomy. Fab episode. We watched Private Practice. It was kind of awful. I tried to clean some of the kitchen. Then I decided there had to be coffee cake made for my Moms and More leadership meeting the following morning. So I started to make it, with my back and throat kinda aching, thinking to myself, I should go to bed. My kids need me to rest more than we need coffee cake. This kinda goes against everything Moms and More stands for.

Possibly, I was a little delirious by that point.

As I put the coffee cake layers together (pastry-fruit-pastry-crumb topping) I read to the end of the recipe. It said, “Don’t simmer raspberries.”

(WHY, dear, devoted Better Homes and Gardens cookbook I’ve had for 20 years, would you put that at the END of the recipe?)

‘Cause, you know, it was one of those choose-a-fruit-filling coffee cakes. I had chosen raspberries. And simmered them to death.

Well, hopefully it won’t kill us,” I said, and decided that for ONCE IN MY LIFE, I was leaving the kitchen a mess.

Slept great. Coffee cake was delicious and didn’t make anyone puke, to my knowledge. Kids were
slightly less whiny and demanding. Meeting was wonderful. Magazine for next month is saved. Paige is all aflutter about going to college a year early. Double date with friends was totally fun. (Go see Red!) And the kitchen? Cleaned just as well the next morning, by my darling husband. Take that, simmered raspberries!