Tuesday, we had school in St. Augustine.

We learned why it was so important for a fortress to be built – to protect the residents from pirate raids. We saw old medicines and remedies from the oldest drug store. We walked through the city gates. We looked at cannons, at a prison, and at walls made of sand, shells, and stone.

Oh, and we posed ~

(^Miranda provided her baby sister with some ‘school work’ for this photo).

We literally had to keep KK from climbing the walls. One day, she will rule a city and build a fortress, no doubt…

Our time in this beautiful little city was short, but gave us a lot of food for thought and a foundation for the American History that Paige is studying this year.

Not bad for our first field trip.



  • Maureen

    Nice!! Can Liam help rule KK's fortress? And Bridie & Miranda can be the fortress twirlers…