Our summer weekends at home are few and far between, and so we must make each one count…and each one typically has a number of social opportunities. Sometimes it’s exhausting running to and fro – and the kids, in this case, have not napped in DAYS. But was it worth it? Well…

– was our first Moms and More leadership meeting of the year, which involved playtime for the kids and sweet Paulie falling asleep on my lap right at the conference table.
– the afternoon/evening was a mixture of preparations for Saturday (keep reading), baking chocolate pie with Miranda, and cooking a big dinner (steak fajitas, Spanish rice, homemade salsa & guacamole) for our family – including Josh and his girlfriend Kirsten.

– was the baby shower for GINA & JERRY – my sister-in-law and brother, who after several long and frustrating years, to which I relate all too well, are expecting MY BABY NIECE in just seven weeks! Mom & I threw the shower, and it was lovely to see 1) Gina, who is truly one of the sweetest people I know, getting shown so much love and 2) my own cousins, aunt, Gramma, whom I do not see nearly as often as I would like. It was also great to catch up with Gina’s mom and the wives of two of her brothers, who all live in Texas.  The girls and I left the house at 10 in the morning (we were EARLY for shower set-up…mark that down!)…Rod met us after the shower for dinner at G&J’s, and we got home at 10pm!

The day also included the Passing of Kelly’s Maternity Clothes. My two totes of preggers-wear are about to embark on their 5th term…2 for 1, one for my friend Maureen, one for Gina, and now on to my ‘baby’ cousin, who is expecting in early Spring! We also just found out that my other cousin is expecting, which means that this very special picture could potentially hold 16 Capriotti women!

Any Sunday we get to be at home is special. I love being at my home church. Today Kaity asked to go to “Mommy’s church” (regular service) rather than “her church” (the nursery). I obliged, because honestly, I love having my kids in the service with me, at least some of the time. She was great through most of the service, which also happened to be great. There was an extended time of prayer and worship, and I felt peace about some things that have been nagging at me…mainly, the lack of sale on our house. I am not in a hurry to move away – in fact, a weekend such as this makes me second guess that decision quite a bit, because there are SO MANY people I love here – but I am anxious to move to a smaller, more manageable, less expensive place…and I am really anxious to move from the chaotic limbo of having a house for sale in this crazy market. Anyway…I know that TIME, not just all time, but our time, is in His hands.

After church, Paige went on a zoo trip with the youth group, and KK request CHILI’S! for lunch (where she discovered a fondness for buffalo wings… no surprise there from our little spice girl). After that, we got ready and headed to the kiddie party of the year, our friend’s MESSY party!

The kids roam excitedly from messy station to messy station – flour, paint, shaving cream, sand, and dirt – and also have a few pools and a sprinklers to splash in. They love it. Today’s turnout was great…plenty of kids and for the most part, all of them playing nicely together. As a bonus, my three close mommy-friends and I were all present with our husbands, and while we restrained from trying to “set them up,” we were happy to see them chatting and contemplated taking a 90210-esque picture of the 8 of us, which of course never happened.

Once we got home and everyone was steam-cleaned, we watched Parent Trap 2 (horrid movie, really) with the girls before tucking them in. Rod made a Walmart run to get a Tombstone Pizza (gourmet…) and then we watched The Great Outdoors.

I loved this weekend.

Tomorrow some good friends are coming for a quick visits. We have two weeks left before our September trek. We’re getting our homeschooling in order. We’re almost ready for NQC. And we have exciting ideas for continuing to promote Compassion throughout all our ministries. It was a hectic week last week… it was a wonderful summer weekend!