When Kaity’s birthday came in February, the Chicago winter blahs were all around, and being that she was only turning 2, a “friend” party did not seem so important.

In the past 4 months or so, Kaity’s little peeps have become very important to her. Because of this, and because of  the possibility that her next birthday will be in Nashville, we decided to throw her a half birthday celebration.

She chose the cuisine, very specifically: (that would be cheese, crackers, chips and “macamole”, and BLUE cake…)

She chose what activities we had: (there was some outside-playing and some upstairs-in-the-bedroom rable rousing as well…)

And she beamed like a 30 month old ray of sunshine when her sister and her friends sang to her.

Our baby of the family surprises me every day with her intelligence, her wit, her temper, and her fierce love.

Happy Half Birthday, dear Kay-kay!