As a 33 year old, I know how fortunate I am still to have a living, blood-related Gramma.

Gramma Capriotti turns 93 on Monday. She is 60 years older than I am, and 90 years older than my first-born. Miranda and Kaity adore her. I have always loved her, but just in the past few years have come to appreciate her more and more. She had a life and marriage and “mommy-hood” so very different from mine, one that included some things I envy (closeness to relatives, lots of community-gathering, homemade-pasta-making) and many that I don’t (she never drove, she’s been widowed for 33 years, she has experienced losing nearly all her siblings and many friends,  and of course has dealt with the oppression that many women did back in her day).

With the recent pregnancies of my sister-in-law and my baby cousin, Gramma has officially lived to see all 7 of her grandchildren marry, prosper, and start their own families. From her marriage to my grandfather, who died when I was 7 months old, 3 children were born – 3 new families created – now 7 more…and with 12 great grandchildren and counting, more families will begin.

Gramma can’t see very well these days. She moves slowly and doesn’t like to do much. We miss her cooking very much! But her mind is sound, her memories and stories strong and alive, and she still gives great hugs, kisses, blessings, and occasionally, Italian swears. I am so grateful that my babies get to know their GREAT Gramma!