Those very wise words in the title were spoken by this beautiful young woman, a college graduate who now works at a university. She was able to attend college through a Leadership Development Program, because of a Compassion sponsor.

I wish my pictures AND my words could better convey the hope that is passed back and forth between these children and young adults in the Compassion program and their sponsors.

But this moment from today will have to do for now. Hours before Rod sang “Jesus Loves Me” to our little girls over Skype, he sang it to a room of about 100 children, with a sweet little one clinging to him. Thank You, God, for the gift of love – it costs nothing, it requires no language, and it is boundless.

Hug a child here with the gift of sponsorship.



  • Maureen

    SO sweet. I'm so glad these children are being blessed by both of your hearts of gold. You're out of your comfort zone yet with arms wide open to embrace the enormous hearts of these beautiful children. So special. They'll never forget you (as you'll never forget them).

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  • The LDP students are just so inspiring and I'm sure they have quite a positive impact on their communities. They really have a big responsibility to be leaders by setting a good example for the children.

    By the way, I visited Keely's blog. In the “Sweet Faces of Colombia” post, the girl with the multi-colored shirt (who is hugging the girl in the blue jacket) looks very much like my sponsored child. I only have one picture of her, and she's either nervous/emotionless, so it's really hard to be sure, but wow it's almost an exact match.

    • kellyburton

      Greg, if that is your child, that is so amazing! If that is your child, I can tell you that I hugged her and that she has a great big smile. What a small world…it's been made so much smaller and closer together for me this week. Thank you for 'following' us on this trip. I am so sad it's our last day today!