We are back to life today – back to working, cleaning, exercising, play-dating, message-answering, basking.

Branson Gospel Music Convention 2010 was amazing. There were some tough moments, some hard decisions, some unfortunate fall-out, but this weekend, with friends, we were able to reflect on the Good, and testify to the Great, and begin to look forward to the Next.

I am going to be writing more, of course, but my sweet friend Julie Groves shared a photo that for me, embodies the whole spirit & truth of what this event is about.

During the last concert of 9, on that Friday night, our friends McMillan and Life sacrificed most of their 20 minute set to pray. For us – for the Burtons, with an audience of a thousand or so. They prayed for God’s protection over our family, for His wisdom & guidance as we follow His call.

Jimmy, Liz, Devin, how can we ever thank you for this? We only hope God will bless you tenfold.

Now you may discuss how cutely I rock the ‘dress with boots’ look. kthanks :)



  • Adrian

    the only thing i would discuss is “does everyone have to close they're eyes when they sing gospel, hear gospel or feel gospely”.