Miranda at the Gaylord Opryland Hotel

As a second born child, I naturally buck against the ode to the first born. Why are there always more pictures of them? Why the VIP title? What makes them so special?

I am so, so, so careful to take many pictures of my sweet 2nd born Kaity, to let her know that she is every bit as special as her sister.

Miranda at her first egg hunt in Kendall and Quad’s backyard

But yesterday I realized I missed a very important anniversary (‘cause we’ve barely been home the past few weeks and haven’t had net access SINCE FRIDAY!), and so in my heart and words (and blog) I have been paying a special little tribute to my first born, Miranda Rose.
Miranda admires Daddy in between songs

Miranda and I have an anniversary to celebrate every year on April 12. On April 12, 2006, my life changed forever and ever. (You can read that story here). After dozens of negative tests, medically discouraging news, and months and months of trying, the little peestick finally said YOU’RE HAVING A BABY! (It might have just held 2 blue lines…)

April 12…it’s the anniversary of when I became a mama, became a believer in miracles.

Why yes, I was the cutest & happiest pregnant woman ever :)

Today I told Miranda, “You made my life a miracle.” She’s 3, so she smiled and said, “I did?”

Isn’t it obvious?

Oh Baby, you did. Whether you are dancing to live gospel music or reenacting a Disney movie or tucking part of your long dress into your panties to try to get it to twirl better (just happened today, folks), whether you are talking on the phone while using hand gestures or throwing a fit over your travel wardrobe…you are my miracle…you make my whole heart twirl. I love you, My Randa. Happy (belated) Anniversary!

The Essence of Miranda