It amuses me that my children can fall asleep in the back of a bumpy bus to the sound of a diesel engine, get transferred to their own beds, and sleep in the morning right through the dog barking and the engine firing up again.

But at home, the doorbell, the toilet flushing, something dropped in the hallway, will stir them awake.

We stopped to rest at 2am. We left Branson later than expected yesterday, a mini-day filled with impromptu meetings to which Miranda and Kaity accompanied us.

They wore me out this weekend in wonderful ways. They are so with us, so involved in the crazy calling of our lives. Their with-it-ness is another, needed, confirmation to me that we are doing what we should be doing.

Branson, in just a few short trips, has become a new home. I know we won’t live there all the time, but I know we’ll be spending more and more time there, and that is ok with me.

One of the things I love about this busy little town is that no one bats an eye when we show up to a meeting with our toddlers. We don’t tout the term ‘family friendly’ just to sell tickets. This place is Family Friendly!

A lot of the rigors of traveling and two parents working from home involve making our little ones adjust. Most of the time I know this is good for them, educational, exciting. But sometimes I worry that it’s too stressful…

So I will let them swim when we are invited to swim, and I will let them hug strangers, and I will let them dance in the church aisles, and I will figure out how to stop tantrums before they are out of control.

I will let them use the camera, and I will let them watch the same cheesy-direct-to-DVD-Princess-story over and over at the end of the day, and I will sing them to sleep, and I will beam with pride as they clap their hands above their heads to a praise song… and I will survive when they scream in the middle of the next song and I have to shlep them away.

And I will celebrate – before any other goal met – the blessing God POURED on me when He made me their mama. I am blessed with life and love.